Monday, 12 February 2018

How To Avoid Facebook Jail


This last 4 months I have been learning all I can about networking and this has on numerous occasions got me in facebook jail . I have been posting links to my businesses on numerous group pages I have joined and then suddenly , I cannot . Facebook Jail . What I do object to is that they never explain fully why. I can accept I have done something wrong , if someone explains what it is I have done wrong . They always say it is against their policies , which means you then have to look through all the policy information and I can still not see what I have done wrong .

This has affected my business because how can you get your business out there if you cannot post about it . That is what I use to think .
Each day I am learning and I now realise that posting links with not much content or no content is spam .   Maybe if facebook had pointed this out to me , I would have stopped earlier . On one occasions while posting content with a link at the bottom , they suggested I share with more people and that box came up . I thought great , that is nice of them . I went ahead and through their box , posted it to a lot more groups and within 10 minutes I was restricted from posting or joining any groups . This type of behaviour by them has left me frustrated on many days .

It seems to me that they are very controlling , which is something I do not like . I have never posted rude, nude or lude posts and yet they seem to persecute me and put me in facebook jail .I did notice that this all started happening after I had began paying for adverts . I felt it was a case of well now you are paying for adverts we will not let you post business things for free. I have spoken to other networking people and this has happened to them on facebook . After they have been paying for adverts . They have also suffered the facebook jail controllers.

I recently found a site with hundreds of videos that teach you how to avoid such things as facebook jail.
If I had known of them , earlier , I would not have spent so much time in jail and eventually , no time in jail .

Teresa Swann
Psychic Medium, Healer, Doterra Consultant, Networker

I have been in facebook jail , many times amd have just got access to this free course that is on limited time only . It is only free for the next 14 days so if you want free teaching , that works , click on the link below , like I did .

A free download to help you do Facebook Live

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