Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Never forget to make a life

It is very easy to spend all your life working . Looking for work, being out of work, being in work . What a lot of stress and not what we come here for . Many people on their deathbeds , regret lots of things they have not done . Many talk of not doing what they wanted to. What they always planned to but kept putting it off. Life is far more important than work . Do not let yourself become another of those , that works hard all their life but forgets to have a life . Teresa Swann

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Banana's and Gas

Bananas are a vitamin packed fruit and the vitamin content continues to grow them while ripening , unlike other fruits that lose vitamins , when ripening .  Incredible !

Do you know that eating a banana with other fruits can cause gas/wind. Bananas are a meaty type fruit so they take longer to break down in your body . It would be best to eat the lighter fruit first and the banana separate some time after.

Teresa Swann