Monday, 18 December 2017

True Love Reading Cards by Belinda Grace far better than my Doreen Virtue Romance Cards

I am a psychic medium , healer and author . For about six years . Most of that time I have been using Doreen Virtue's cards during my readings . In the last couple of years I started to go off of them and found I did not need to use them so much in private readings . I still do one and three card readings so this is what I mainly used them for . I use to watch Doreen Virtue's weekly video readings but started to notice things about her in these videos around 18 months ago . When I walked away from my computer I would feel that the way she spoke was fake , so that stood out to me . Then she started to get more and more animals and people started donating money for the upkeep of them . At first I thought how nice but then that changed . I felt it could all be a big scam . Bring in a new animal each week and play on the compassion of viewers and make more money . She also is very rich from all the many cards, books and courses she has done , as well as fees for the videos , so to me it all started to seem fake and unspiritual . I stopped watching her videos as I found them annoying . I also do not see why anyone needs to keep producing so many boxes of cards as she has . Many of the packs have the same messages on , worded  slightly different . She talked constantly about guides, angels , goddesses, ascended masters , archangels and more and had hundreds of thousands of followers . Then she gave it all up and decided all she has been talking about and making money out of , is demonic , which may be true . This of course left so many people with her books , cards and unfinished courses , feeling they had been cheated . Doreen Virtue has free will to do what she wants but it not good when she has been leading them like the Pied Piper to an empty end.  It did not affect
my readings as I was not using her cards that much . Online romance readings I did always use them and have never been that happy with her Romance Cards. They have very short messages on and I
do not particularly like the pictures on them .  I was lucky to find one day a Doreen Virtue Support Group on Facebook . I joined and asked if any of the members could recommend any other Love cards and they did .   This beautiful box with delightful bright cards arrived today . I had an order to
do a Love reading on line so did my first today with my brand new cards . Only about an hour after they arrived .
These True Love Reading Cards by Belinda Grace are 100% better than my old Doreen Virtue Romance Cards. Every card has delightful colourful prints on and a book with very detailed meaning for each card . The box is also very good quality . I feel I was meant to have these as they have two swans o the front , with beaks touching and I have a photo with two swans in that pose on my longer love reading . My name is also Swann. Funny thing about that is that my dad was adopted and this became his name . His birth name was Heron so it seems we were destined to be named after birds .

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