Thursday, 28 December 2017

Greatest Christmas Gift?

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The Greatest Christmas Gift Does Not Come Wrapped Up.
Christmas feeds Greed!
Christmas films are all about gifts, gifts, gifts.
Many gifts are worthless and I do not mean money value, I mean thought, care and love value .
Focusing way too much on the most expensive gift means more?
We all buy gifts because we like to or because we feel we should . I like to give far more than receive.
In recent years for my brother and dad I have bought things such as Organic Coconut Oil, Quality Supplements, Toxic Free Soaps and Oils.
Christmas 2017
This year I bought some superfoods, matcha powder, spirulina and green food powders, natural deodorants , nuts, Doterra Oils and some other bits . I also made my dad some healthy truffles , with organic coconut oil, cocoa powder, ground almonds, honey, Doterra Wild Orange oil and dessicated coconut .
We can buy meaningful , thoughtful , caring gifts, to help our loved ones .
Christmas has turned into a commercial enterprise , all about Father Christmas.
It has possibly always been about that and not Jesus!
The only thing that matters in this whole world is Love.
Christmas brings a lot of stress, debt and bad health . That is not a happy combination and no wonder so many people moan about it and drink so much.
The run up to christmas is very emotional for many people with highs and lows all the way , because we have an inner knowing it is wrong .
Nothing in life is more important than loving and caring for one another and you cannot buy this in a shop . Throwing gifts at people is not caring and small children usually let this be known because they are still in touch with their true selves and spirit. I feel small children should be in charge as they know more than most adults , who have lost their way .
All that matters in this world is love and peace and you can find that deep within you and it connects to the source above .
Share love not meaningless gifts .

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