Friday, 5 January 2018


Networking Money For Free
Networking Money For Free

Not prepared to put anything in and expect networking  money in return . 
 I see so many posts on social media's networking pages and groups,  where people are asking for ways to earn money today,  with no sign up fee's , no kits to buy , nothing . How do they expect to earn money doing absolutely nothing that involves some cost?  If they were setting up a physical business, they would have to buy stock , rent storage , rent a shop, storefront, market stall etc , that would cost money and they would expect to  pay for that .
Everywhere I also see posts saying things such as earn £1000 today . Great if you can but unrealistic sitting at home on your phone or laptop . It would seem these people are fairly lazy and unless they change their mindset , they will not make their millions .
I do not think like them . Everyday I am planting seeds to make my dreams come true . Each day I watch training videos on Youtube with various different people such as Eric Worre , Jake Ducey , Lisa Torres and Tanya Aliza. They each give such good advice . To get much better at Networking you have to spend time every day learning and then putting this into action . You cannot get good at Networking and earning money at a Home Based Job , if you have no intention of learning , or learn , then never put the teachings into action . Watching Lisa Torres , I got to find out about MLSP Marketing and I immediately joined up . I knew this was for me and the way to move forward in 2018 . MLSP have so many training videos , there is no point joining if you are lazy . You can buy or get access to free videos , all are very helpful. Since joining MLSP I have learnt and incredible amount of knowledge that I am already using on my website and facebook pages to attract more clients and already , it is working .Teresa Swann

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