Thursday, 4 January 2018

Having Trouble Getting Clients Networking ?

Having Trouble Getting Clients  Networking ?

I have been there . Every day posting on Facebook, Google and Twitter . A few people are interested but nothing comes from it . Do not give up on networking  , change it.

I watch networking teachers, leaders , every day . I write down nuggets of information that I know I need to remember , then put them into action . I did not use to . I use to listen to them , think about them , write them down and put them away . This of course never works . Being lazy or procrastinating does not help you build a business .

For seventeen years I  have had an under active thyroid which does cause a foggy brain and other problems so I recognise when this is a affecting me and use my Doterra Oils to lift me . I rub Doterra Peppermint Oil ,onto my thyroid gland , I inhale the aroma deeply from the bottle and pop a drop in my mouth and within minutes I feel uplifted and energized. Some days I do not have the energy to work as much but I will still listen to networking videos and collect information. Every day is a working day for me . Every day I learn something new and am planting the stepping stones for my networking future.


In December 2017 I discovered MLSP Affiliate Marketing and Networking and I have not looked back . Hundreds of hours of training videos and more . You can learn at your pace , learn how to get into affiliate marketing and improve your own business, if your have one.If you do not have a business you can still learn about how to make money on the internet. I am determined to earn enough money to pay all my bills and have money left over . I have grown up in a family where we just had enough , which is how most people live . My dad had to borrow money when Ford's, who he worked for went on strike and I know this caused my parents great stress . I have spent most of my adult life worrying about money and I do not want to pass that onto my son . So I am making and creating a high income for me and my son , for the greater good of all . I will be sharing it . I cannot do this indoors twiddling my hair . I can do this indoors , learning and listening every day .I know 2018 is going to be a magical year . Teresa Swann
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