Monday, 19 March 2018

We Are What We Eat ,Drink , Apply To Skin , Think and Feel


We are what we eat , drink , think and feel and this is why so many people are ill . 
Meat, grains, sugars, sweeteners,processed foods, drinks , dairy , smoking, alcohol and medication drugs all create acidosis. 
This attacks our bodies , which the lymph nodes continually try to expel . They are our waste system. 
When they are bombarded day after day , they become full of acid , with nowhere for it to go , as the lymph nodes become blocked . Your body then stores the worst acidosis in areas that then become tumours etc.
You need a clean lymph system to be healthy and you do not get that eating the above things.
You get this eating fruit, and vegetables raw , herbs, oils and quality supplements only .
You cannot be well or get well eating death or treating the body with things that also kill it slowly . Teresa Swann

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